Royal’s one year adoptiversary and exciting news!

Sorry it’s been awhile since we’ve updated. Royal has been doing absolutely fantastic he runs laps around me every day! He broke his nail down to the quick and had to go see the vet again but for once it wasn’t a big deal! They even gave us 25% off all nail trims present and future for him (call it the Tripawd discount). Shamrock animal hospital continues to impress us. We switched him onto a much higher quality Royal canin food that he loves. We celebrated a year of having Royal Thursday and Friday. We also found out that WE’RE SIX WEEKS PREGNANT on his one year adoptiversary!!! I tear up just thinking about how happy it makes me that royal will be our child’s best friend for many years to come, something for awhile we weren’t sure we would have. Royal hasn’t left my side. I’ve had bad anxiety my entire life and had to go off of the medication I take for it when I foundĀ out we were expecting. Royal calms me down and sits up with me. When I have morning sickness he lays outside the bathroom waiting for me to be done so he can cuddle with me. We are both thrilled with the news and I’m confident Royal will be a great family friend!