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Royal's recovery

This site is going to document Royal\'s recovery

Royal's recovery

Day one updates for Royal

January 6th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Royals first night went well. Yesterday he officially became a tripawd. For those of you just finding this blog, thank you for the support and kind words. He broke his leg and unfortunately the rod and pins did not help the healing process enough so amputation was the only option for him to have a good quality of life. So we went through with it. We rescued him from the Humane society in march, the day before St. Patrick’s day. He IS one lucky dog! Today he took his first steps to his water bowl and surprised both his mom and dad by trying to jump up on the bed. He was able to walk all the way outside. He’s still getting used to missing a leg but he has already come leaps and bounds past what we had hoped him to be at for the first day. The picture shows the drain they inserted into his shoulder to make sure the fluid buildup doesn’t become a problem. We have been struggling to heal Royal since November when this happened so for us to finally have a means to an end in terms of complications (the rod poked through his skin at one point and nearly gave me a heart attack) and pain management. This site helped us cope with the decision to amputate his leg and has given us so much hope for his future. He is such a playful dog who always outran the other pooches at the park. He loves everyone and always wants to cuddle. I will be updating this blog with his progress over the coming days, weeks, and months. Here’s to our new tripawd Royal and a healthy happy recovery!


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  • benny55

    Rohal, hou probably could care less, but your incision site looks really good!!

    Yes, this ine surgery will eliminate all that pain and he won’t have to go through any more surgeries!!

    Well done Royal!!!

    Looking forward to more updates!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • otisandtess

    Glad he is doing so well! Try to keep him quiet however. He has a lot of hospital meds in his system still, which is probably why he is trying to jump on the bed. Those will wear off, and he will feel much worse if he overdoes it now. Just short leased potty breaks – no furniture. (Many of us moved our mattresses onto the floor until the staples came out). And I agree with Sally – the incision site looks great!

  • linda8115

    Royal you’re a beauty! So glad your boy is doing well. As Christine said slow and steady wins this race. It takes about a month to build up new muscle and stamina so if he overdoes it he’ll be hurting. Royal is a lucky boy to have been chosen by you guys for his furever home.

  • royalbones

    So happy our vet did such a good job. If you’re ever in the twin cities and need a vet, shamrock animal hospital in rosemount has literally taken care of every pet I’ve ever cared for since I was a little girl. The owner has been the one working with Royal and has been talking to us one on one and making sure every question we have is answered. We ordered him a harness with a handle on the back although after seeing how well he can run around today he may not need it. When he is ready to run around outside again we will still use it for our peace of mind to make sure he can fully adjust. The only thing he’s had a problem with at all is trying to get up if he’s laying a certain way. He hasn’t been whining or panting like he’s in any sort of pain either.

  • mysweetted

    So glad he is doing well!

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