Monday’s quick update

  1. So we brought Royal in for his drain removal. The area is still quite sore obviously but it’s still leaking a fair amount of fluid so the drain will stay in for two more days unfortunately. Everything else is looking good though, he is eating drinking and pottying without any issues which is huge. He hasn’t had any really major pain issues for the most part. He slipped on a patch of ice and whimpered for about 30 seconds yesterday but recovered quickly. It wasn’t a bad fall at all more him learning to get used to being a tripawd. The incision site looks clean and there are thank god no signs of infection or complications. So our fingers are crossed the drain will be out Wednesday!

Edited to include an adorable photo of that time we brought Royal home and he thought the top of the cat scratcher was for him. Pre op. Because it helps to remember all the cute things.


4 thoughts on “Monday’s quick update”

  1. Love the 2nd pic! Silly Royal 🙂
    Hope he continues to heal nicely! Pottying, eating & drinking are great signs!

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