One month!!!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month. It’s still kind of surreal for me because it happened so fast. But Royal has completely regained his former spunk and energy. He still has problems on ice (mom just carries him like a baby if he gets too nervous which he has come to expect at times now) and on our kitchen floor but a rug with grips is an easy fix. I celebrated my birthday recently. I had asked for one of the necklaces cofounder ReneĆ© hand makes so beautifully and my awesome mom I’ve talked about ordered me one that says “Tripawd Mom”! I love it and wear it every day. It’s a fun conversation piece too if Royal (rarely) isn’t with me. What I love is that they took the time to ask my mom about my story and found out who my Tripawd furbaby was. They hand stamped Royal’s name on the back of the pendant! There was even a treat and a cute bandanna for Royal. He will definitely be wearing this out and about especially when we take him to the dog park and out in public! We went and visited the vet a couple days ago too just to pick up a refill for his medication (yay no more vet appointments for Royal besides routine check ups!!!!!!!) and all of the staff was overjoyed to see how well he was getting around. Royal happily ran through the clinic and greeted everyone including the wonderful Dr. Hansen, our vet who got Royal through this mess. We were lucky enough to be chosen for Tripawds January ASAP surgery grant and we still cannot express our gratitude enough. Royal has a whole bin of toys. Before he broke his leg he would dig through every single day and play for hours. In the last few weeks he finally has been back to his old self. He plays “catch” with himself and also has been back to playing with his feline friends. It’s so good to have our pooch back! Thank you so much Tripawds!!!

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  1. Happy Ampuversary Royal!
    It’s so wonderful when they are back to themselves- amazing how they figure things out and just get on with their lives!

    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

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